Our Own Butcher Shop Dog Bones

ALL Natural Hickory Smoked Beef Bones For Your Dog

 Our Own Butcher Shop Dog Bones Are Made In The USA

 100% NATURAL DOG BONES.  NO Preservatives. NO Chemicals.
NO Salt. NO Artificial Flavors/Coloring.  NEVER COOKED.

Keep your dog Happy AND Healthy with Our Hand-Trimmed All Natural Smoked Beef Bones. 
Available in 5 Varieties For Every Size Dog
  • We ONLY use Bones from Beefs Raised in the USA!  We NEVER use imported beef for our Natural Dog Bones. 
  • The average 50 pound dog eating traditional commercial dog food will ingest roughly 18 pounds of preservatives in the course of a year!]
  • These are the Old Fashioned Style of Butcher Shop Dog Bones - Natural(ly) Better!
  • Our Smoked Beef Bones are from beefs raised for human consumption!  Check out our competition - most WILL NOT specify what type of beef their bones come from.
  • And we NEVER sell Pork Bones! ·We trim each and every bone by Hand. And we smoke every bone in our OWN Smokehouse with 100% Natural Hickory Smoke. ·
  • We Lightly Smoke our Beef Bones at 170° for at least 8 hours. Our bones are NEVER COOKED or oven baked - Cooked/Baked bones can lead to brittleness and splintering.
  • ·After smoking, we quick freeze our Hickory Smoked Beef Bones. We ship our frozen bones by USPS Priority Mail. The Bones are loosely wrapped in Freezer Paper with Ice Packs to keep them cool during shipping.
  • Since Our Smoked Beef Bones for Your Dog Are ALL Natural They Must Be Stored In Your Freezer.
  • Instructions For Use
  • We firmly believe your dog(s) will love our Dog Bones - but if not - we will REFUND YOUR ORDER IN FULL - NO QUESTIONS ASKED! NO FINE PRINT!    
  • And AS ALWAYS - FREE SHIPPING Anywhere in the U.S. by USPS Priority Mail!

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About Our Butcher Shop Dog Bones

  • Hi Craig,
    We have 2 dogs: a greyhound and a small-breed mutt.  The bones are a huge hit with both of them, and the funny thing is that even though the beef shanks are recommended for larger dogs, our little mutt goes at that bone like it's steak wrapped in bacon wrapped in steak wrapped in ... well, more bacon. No complaints there.
    I don't know that there's anything better that you could be doing with the bones themselves, but I might wonder if you've looked in to whether or not the bones could be shipped in some kind of airtight, vacuum-sealed type packaging. That might save money in terms of not needing to ship the bones with a coldpack, and it also might help cut down on the odor factor. It's not that the odor is unpleasant or anything (quite the opposite) ... it's just that when the bones arrive, the smell of the box makes the dogs go a little nuts. :).

  • Just wanted to say THANK YOU!!  I don't usually do reviews, but this was one worth writing!  We adopted a dog two months ago and he has a wild personality- as cute as it can be it can also be pretty annoying when you're trying to do things and he's mouthing you while you walk...he already poked a few holes in my nice sweaters just trying to play!  When we put these bones down (we ordered the large smoked beef knuckles for our 20lb mixed breed) and he doesn't even notice we're in the room!  I cooked dinner right in front of him just now and he could care less what food I had- he was just too busy :)  We just put in our second order already and will continue shopping here.  Plus the shipping is extremely fast!!  THANKS again! 

  • I received my order of Large Beef Knuckles yesterday. I am extremely pleased with the fast shipping an excellent quality of your product. My Bulldog has never enjoyed a Bone more. I was impressed how your Bones do not splinter. This was always of great concern to me regarding my English Bulldog and chew bones since she has immense bite force. Even under the Huge amount of pressure she exerted there was no shattering of the knuckle, she was able to shave it down slowly ( much like a cheese grater )and consume it.. On a recent trip to a large retail pet  food chain , I could not find a single Natural bone that was not produced in China. After the last pet poisoning  incident from firms using imported ingredients of dubious quality I am very please that you use USA beef.  My Bull did not suffer from any gut issues or vomiting after consuming your Knuckle, which has not been the case in the past when I tried pet store Natural knuckle bones. It was only later that I read the label and noticed that the pet store knuckles were treated with Formaldehyde as a preservative. Well, thanks again for a fantastic pet product. I will be ordering more when these are gone.

    Sincerely, Richard Schock, Northport, NY

  • Hey Craig,
    The bones arrived and the dogs have been chewing their hearts out for two days.  Not just one dog but all eleven love them.
    These are the best bones I've found and will continue to buy them as long as they are available!  There is not one thing that you could do to make them better!
    I'll be happy to send pictures in a separate e-mail. Thanks for providing such a great product!

  • Dear Craig,

    We used to buy the large knuckles for our good ol' boy, Max the Airedale. He knew when the box would arrive. Now we have a puppy, just about six months, Honey Bear the Airedale. Terriers sure love to chew, and after the  insoles of all my shoes disappeared, and several choice woven baskets were destroyed, I ordered the first box of knuckles for Honey Bear. I thought, she's only four months, she'll never be able to open her puppy jaw that wide.

    Ha! Honey Bear loved the MEAT on those bones. She carried the first knuckle  to her special "corner den" and chewed contentedly. If I could think of what to do with absolutely clean white bones, I'd make garden sculptures out of them. She cleans them bare. But for now, I'm ordering TWO more boxes for her. The are a no-fail distraction for unwanted behavior, and she is showing us that she will be a wonderful Airedale. My feet are more comfortable with insoles! Those bone-sickels (we keep them in the freezer) make us MAGNIFICENT pet owners in her eyes. 

    Now, if you can think of a way to keep the Maltese (6 pounds) from trying to steal the knuckles, we shall have peace in the valley at last.