AC Legg

At A.C. Legg, we look at developing seasonings as both a science and an art, and with almost a century in business, we’ve perfected the process. Our signature Old Plantation Seasonings line is rooted in the original Southern Style Sausage Seasoning conceived by Mr. A.C. Legg in 1923, and has grown to now include many additional foundational spices and seasoning blends that have stood the test of time.

If any of the AC Legg Seasonings contain MSG, that will be stated on each seasonings webpage.  You can also use the "Shop By Tag" on the left border of every page.  Just look for the tag of either "Contains MSG" or "NO MSG".

So, whether you’re looking for sausage seasonings, jerky seasonings, snack sticks, marinades, rubs, bottles of seasonings or blends for retail and food service, we’re confident that you will find just what you’re looking for.