Deer/Beef Jerky Seasonings

We Have 9 Different Varieties of
Deer and Beef Jerky Seasonings.

Choose from 3 different varieties from AC Legg and 6
different varieties of our own jerky seasonings!

As a benefit to our customers you have access to our exclusive
"How To Make Deer/Beef Jerky At Home" instructions by clicking here

You can download, print or just read this PDF we have made
from our own jerky making techniques we use here at our Meat Processing Plant -
Jackson Frozen Food Locker in Jackson, MO.

We also sell a DVD that shows how we make Whole Muscle Deer or
Beef Jerky using our Jerky Seasonings.  This DVD also shows how to make
Smoked Deer Sausage and Smoked Deer Snack Sticks. 
You can view details of this DVD and watch a 5 minute clip here.