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I've been looking for this.

An old butcher introduced me to this year's ago. Thank you for keeping in stock. Ordering was easy, will again!

Great Seasoning

Made a 25lb batch of sausage 2-weeks ago and this seasoning is great. Mixed in hi-temp cheese and dried jalapeños and yum! Some people at work said it was the best they ever had.


These are perfect sized casings! Will be ordering these again in the future. Fast shipping

Prime Steak and Beefburger seasoning

This is the only seasoning we use now. My husband and myself owned a meat shop for 16 years. We had purchased other seasonings for our shop but this was the best. Customers loved it as did we. Finally ordered for ourselves and will repeat purchases. BEST seasoning

My favorite

This is by far my favorite pork sausage seasoning. I use it for making sausage almost every weekend. This website is the only place I can seem to find it. I've probably ordered 2 or 3 bags by now. Thanks for having it in stock!!!!

Missing half my order

I purchased the 2 for &19.98 prime Rib and burger seasoning and only received one of my containers. I tried to call the customer service number and could never get through so i emailed and never received an answer

The Dixie Sausage Seasoning

Can't leave a review because the Dixie sausage seasoning wasn't been here. This picture is what they sent me to.

Bratwurst breakfast sausage?

For several years, I have been using Witt's bratwurst seasoning (I add sage) for making bulk pork breakfast sausage! Everyone loves it!

Go to rub

I’ve been using this seasoning for years as well has my father, a 50year meat cutter. I’ve used it mainly for chicken and proem and always get rave reviews. If you haven’t tried it yet, I’d highly encourage you to give it a roll.

This brought me back to my childhood as it was what my dad used to make brats.

Great spices and great service

Been ordering sausage spices from here for years. Great tasting sausage. Top notch customer service. Highly recommend.

Witts seasoning

This is our favorite breakfast sausage seasoning. Your quick service was a great addition to the product. We will be buying from you again.


Just like always , exactly what I ordered and received fast. Thanks again.

Our favorite for brat patties

Add some high temp cheese and jalapeños, delicious! Fast shipping is appreciated too.

Speed cure purchase

Have not used this product yet but have used pink salt mixtures from Ask the Meatcutter in the past. Shipping, customer service, price, and quality associated with this order were great as has been the case with all other products purchased from Ask the Meatcutter. Very well pleased.

Hog casing purchase

Long time customer. Every product purchased has been favorably priced, excellent quality, excellent service, excellent communication and shipping. Extremely satisfied with the recent purchase as I have been every time in the past. Based on my numerous experiences, I highly recommend Ask the Meatcutter.

Never again without this!

I found out about encapsulated citric acid researching how to make my sausage and snack sticks better… the difference is profound! I’ll never make sausage again without this stuff. Follow directions, don’t grind—I added mine to the mixer right before stuffing to smoke: it’s healthy for you, tastes great… people tell me I could make money with my venison snack sticks (too much work, labor of love)… still quite impressed, so it!

Steak Seasoning

This is by far the best steak seasoning on the maeket.

Dried Jalapeno's
Dave Weide

My only regret is not adding more jalapeños to my snack sticks… 3oz isn’t quite enough for 25pounds of venison and fat for my taste, but the quality is good… tip—get the encapsulated citric acid; that stuff is exceptional for snack sticks…

Steak Seasoning

This seasoning is the best there is. Also the website makes it very easy to order.

Delivery was fast. I haven't had time to use it yet. I will update when I do.

Smoked Deer Sausage Kit

"Customers" keep asking when I'm goinna make another batch, so I had to buy some more kits so I could; I add a bunch of homemade dehydrated jalapeño powder and my "customers" love it.

the only place to go for knives

great products bedt customer service ever!!


I received my order unfortunately one of the Prime Steak containers had spilled almost half of its contents has spilled out, the lid was loose and the seal was broken. I have emailed you three times with no response from you. Will you replace it, please?

Prime Steak and Beef Burger seasoning

This is our go-to seasoning for prime rib, beef stew, and ribs. We love this seasoning and unable to find it in the stores.